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    "Sandy, my CDE, was the first person in my diabetes adventure to give me reassurance and hope after diagnosis. I am forever grateful for her and the thousands of CDEs around the world who devote themselves to their patients. Thank you for being the teachers, friends, and shoulders to cry on during this turbulent journey." - Kyrra Richards, Founder    


    TO REQUEST BROCHURES: Email customercare@myabetic.com

    We are well aware of the importance of CDEs in our community. We have had the opportunity to connect with numerous CDEs who are passionate about improving their clients’ lives. If you are one of these special individuals and want to share our products with your patients, please contact us for brochures or materials. If you have a support group or an upcoming diabetes-related event, we may be able to send a Myabetic representative to share our products in person.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Give us a call, send us an email, or begin a live chat on our site. Even if it’s just to say a quick "hello", please do. We’ll make time for you – we owe you.