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Myabetic was created to transform the diabetes image. After her own diagnosis, founder Kyrra Richards struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence. She kept her diabetes secret because she was afraid to be associated with a negative stereotype. Kyrra created Myabetic to change this perception. Designed to improve the diabetes lifestyle, our products represent the strength and beauty of our community. Together, we will control our health with style.

FRIO Duo Wallet

Regular price $32.00
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FRIO Duo Wallet

Regular price $32.00
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue

A must-have! Keep insulin cool for days without refrigeration or ice. Simply activate the pouch by soaking it in water for 5-10 minutes, and you’re ready to go. Great for travel, camping, power outages, or emergencies.

  • Details
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  • Fits Inside
  • 3.5”W x 7”H
  • Keeps insulin cool
  • No refrigeration or ice needed
  • Activated by cold water only
  • Reusable
  • Light & compact
  • Also protects from extreme cold
  • Fits 2 insulin pens or 2 10ml vials & syringes
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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Great for travelling!

I brought the FRIO duo pouch because I'm travelling to a tropical island for a holiday and didnt want to have to take bulky insulated bag with ice packs to keep my insulin cool. With this FRIO wallet its small enough to slip into my handbag and fits both my insulin pens! Thanks so much!

Best product on the market.

You will not regret the purchase. Already worth the money in uses alone.

Frio Duo Wallet

This product was very helpful during my Beyond Type 1 Slipstream weekend. I could keep my insulin in the cabin with me our in my myabetic bag during hikes and I didn't worry about it overheating. Essential for anyone active outdoors activity. :)

Amazing Product!!

I love my Frio Duo Wallet and the case that I order to go with it, holds ally supplies and such a pretty pink.
Also wanted to say Jade is such a pleasant lady who was so patient with helping with my order.

Works As Expected

I bought the duo one. It works fine. Since it depends on evaporation, it is not as effective when the humidity is up. The quality is good, and refreshing it takes only a minute or few.