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Myabetic was created to transform the diabetes image. After her own diagnosis, founder Kyrra Richards struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence. She kept her diabetes secret because she was afraid to be associated with a negative stereotype. Kyrra created Myabetic to change this perception. Designed to improve the diabetes lifestyle, our products represent the strength and beauty of our community. Together, we will control our health with style.

Brandy Diabetes Backpack

Regular price $125.00
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Brandy Diabetes Backpack

Regular price $125.00
  • Black
  • Copper smoke
  • Pink frost
  • Sandcastle

Get ready for compliments! The world's most beautiful diabetes backpack has arrived. Worn by dia-celebrities across the world, this everyday staple is a must-have for those who want to flash some style and hold it all. 

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  • Namesake
  • 10”W x 9.5”H x 6”D
  • Premium vegan leather & luxurious hardware details
  • Fits all glucose meters
  • Insulated interior pocket (requires cold pack to keep insulin cool)
  • Includes our signature removable waste pouch to gather & dispose of used test strips
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Named after our dear friend, Brandy Barnes. Brandy founded the non-profit organization DiabetesSisters and is responsible for connecting women living with diabetes across the United States. She co-authored the book A Woman's Guide to Diabetes: A Path to Wellness. Brandy is an inspiration for how to live a beautiful life with diabetes.

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Feature - Meters
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Customer Reviews

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Brandy Diabetes Backpack


I absolutely love my new Myabetic Brandy Backpack. It’s the perfect size to keep everything I need. I traded my Designer bag for it. 😊

Brandy Diabetes backpack

I really wanted to love this backpack so much but my only issue is the fact that this backpack does not have the tightening strap feature to hold the bag better to your back. I would expect that since it was a backpack it would have this feature but instead it has a limited amount of holes that you can choose to in order to move the bag a bit closer, just a bit. I’m sure everyone loves it that way for style but I do not feel safe/comfortable with my backpack hanging off my back the way it does. I just wish the feature to tighten the strap just like a regular backpack would be added.

Hi Angela, Thank you for your review! It sounds like you need additional notches on your straps so that you can tighten the backpack closer to your body. This product was designed for children and adults, but at times, the size needs to be further adjusted. I suggest adding your own additional notches to the backpack straps. If you need assistance, a tailor can do this very easily!


It’s a yes from me!!!!

Can’t say enough how much I love this backpack! From the moment I loaded up all my supplies I knew this would be a forever bag for me! I get so many compliments and I love showing off the functionality of this bag! I got the color sandcastle and it goes with absolutely anything! I also considered the lighter color bc of how hot it gets in the south. So far it’s a definite yes from me!! Y’all need this bag!!