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Myabetic was created to transform the diabetes image. After her own diagnosis, founder Kyrra Richards struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence. She kept her diabetes secret because she was afraid to be associated with a negative stereotype. Kyrra created Myabetic to change this perception. Designed to improve the diabetes lifestyle, our products represent the strength and beauty of our community. Together, we will control our health with style.

Clemens Diabetes Compact Wallet

Regular price $38.00
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Clemens Diabetes Compact Wallet

Regular price $38.00
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Why complicate your life with two items when you can combine your wallet and diabetes case into one compact accessory? Impress and de-stress with this pocketful of function.

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  • Namesake
  • 4”W x 5.5”H x 1.5”D
  • Premium vegan leather & luxurious hardware details
  • Fits all glucose meters except Omnipod PDM
  • Includes our signature removable waste pouch to gather & dispose of used test strips
  • Works well for those who do not carry insulin in their diabetes case
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Named after Anton Clemens, a biochemist who developed the first blood glucose meter in 1971.
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Feature - Meters
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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
I carry my OmniPod PDM in this case!

I have been using this case for over 1 year now, and I love it! When I first purchased this case I was using an insulin pin. I now use the OmniPod pump and my PDM fits perfectly in the side pouch without the PDM cover on. The only draw bad is I can fit a test strip container in the case with my PDM so I put loose strips in the zip pouch instead. Still works for me!

Great product!

It’s a great case! We are very pleased.

Good sturdy case

This diabetes wallet comes with everything. I love all the pouches. Especially the waste pouch. It's made of quality materials and is very sturdy. I think this will last me a very long time. It was much fatter than I expected- very squarish. I know you post the dimensions but I'm bad at math. Still, fits in my purse just fine and looks very nice. I'm pleased. Thank you for superior customer service (I originally ordered the Banting which was way too big for my needs), free returns, free shipping, and very speedy shipping. I WILL order from you again but seeing as this wallet will last me ages it might be a while. Thank you!

This product makes me so happy! (I can fit my insulin pen!)

I purchased this product about a year ago! I use it as my wallet as the two things I always need with me is my wallet and my glucometer. I love the trash compartment because I can avoid the embarrassing explosion of used needles and strips that happens with standard glucometer case. I know above it states you can not fit an insulin pen in this wallet however, I have had no problem sliding mine into the binding of the wallet, A little bit sticks out on top when I zipper it but I think it fits just fine!

Meter case

Like the case but not happy with the toggle on the zipper. When case is all the way open it gets twisted and I have to jockey it around in order to close the case.

Hi Cheryl, Thank you for your review! I'm sorry you are having trouble with your zipper. We offer a warranty on our products, and we are happy to provide a free replacement. Please email for assistance.