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Myabetic was created to transform the diabetes image. After her own diagnosis, founder Kyrra Richards struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence. She kept her diabetes secret because she was afraid to be associated with a negative stereotype. Kyrra created Myabetic to change this perception. Designed to improve the diabetes lifestyle, our products represent the strength and beauty of our community. Together, we will control our health with style.

Thompson Diabetes Travel Carry-All

Regular price $72.00
  • Blue nylon
  • Black vegan leather
  • Black ballistic nylon
  • Purple nylon

For diabetes jetsetters everywhere! This carry-all is perfect for travel. Pack all your goods in one organized accessory, breeze through TSA checkpoints, and set off on your adventure. Don’t let diabetes delay your world tour.

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  • Namesake
  • 9.25”W x 7”H x 3.75”D
  • Available in premium vegan leather, nylon or quilted black gloss
  • Fits all glucose meters
  • Insulated section (requires cold pack to keep insulin cool)
  • Includes our signature removable waste pouch to gather & dispose of used test strips
  • Includes optional shoulder strap
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Named after Leonard Thompson who, in 1922 at 14 years old, was the first person to ever receive an injection of insulin as a treatment for diabetes.
Feature - Meters
Feature - Meters
Feature - Meters
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Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews

Excellent product it has a lot of space and well made, look good. Just what I was looking for.

High-quality case that holds everything

This case is what I’ve been after for several years. It holds everything I could possibly need for a week long trip. Better yet, it has allowed me to keep my supplies hidden from view at all times when I’m at home. Excellent product.

WOW--this bag has been amazing!

I've had this Thompson bag (purple nylon) for over two years--I bought it in November 2016. I have used it every day since then. Every single day. Almost 1,000 days and counting. It goes EVERYWHERE I go. It's been with me on over ten road trips and four flights. It goes in my rolling briefcase to work every day. Restaurants, movie theaters, stores--I get lots of compliments on my "handbag." My father bought one in purple after he saw mine. What do I keep in it? A better question is, "what do I NOT have in it?" I use two kinds of insulin (vials), two different sizes of syringes, a Trulicity pen; and I also have my glucometer, test strips, and lancing device in their case; lancets; a snack; an extra battery (package of four); mirror, tweezers, bottle of pills; cold pack in the insulated compartment; log and other paperwork; pocket tissue pack; and a waste bag in a separate pocket. This holds 10 days of one syringe and 6 days of the other, two weeks of pens, and enough insulin vials for that duration. As you can see from the pictures, there is some slight wear on the handles, and I need to clean the bag, but it still looks great, and it has worn "like iron", as Grandma used to say. I'm not easy on this bag at all, and I don't use the shoulder strap. I'm going to try it in my front loading washer (haven't had time recently), and buy a new one if this one disintegrates. I've recommended this bag to the pediatric endocrinology department at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, as highly as possible in a recommendation. If you think $72 is expensive, my cost per use is pennies per day, because I've used it so much and it's still in excellent condition. The zippers are still really great (and I use two of them four times a day), the seams have not frayed at all, the bottom has no wear, the grommet holes for the insulated compartment are pristine (as is the compartment) and I'm pretty sure it will handle the washer.

Great travel bag

This travel bag is going to keep all my pump stuff together.and it looks awesome

Ready for anything

From travel to a day away from home, it’s nice to have all of our supplies packed and organized.