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    I’m strong, stylin’, and in control.
    P.S. I Hate Diabetes

    Share your diabetes frustration on Twitter using #psIHateDiabetes and @myabetic

    Yes, we’re fortunate to have incredible technology, knowledge, and medical advances that allow us to live long, fulfilled lives.

    But we still feel like punching diabetes in the face!

    So go ahead. Let it all out. This is your chance to vent. Releasing one’s feelings can be a great way to relieve the emotional burden that often comes with diabetes. It’s all about strength in (hopefully lower) numbers.

    Are you feeling like a “bad diabetic”?
    Did you have an unusually expensive trip to the pharmacy?
    Does your trend graph look like a roller coaster?
    Have you heard one too many scary PSAs about the dangers of diabetes?
    Does your stomach look like a pincushion?
    Are you the parent, spouse, or friend of a person with diabetes and feeling helpless?
    Are too many people sharing their unsolicited (and wildly uneducated) opinions on your diagnosis or management?

    Have at it. You’re not alone.

    Give diabetes the (overly-pricked) finger.
    #psIHateDiabetes and @myabetic on Twitter