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    "I am very excited to have finally found a stylish diabetes wallet (Banting Wallet). My friends and I are always on the hunt for something that isn't ugly to store what they call my 'paraphernalia' so they will be pleased I've finally found something. It's an ugly enough condition to have to cope with without having to carry everything around in an ugly bag!!" - Melanie
    "I just received the Love Bug for my 3 year old daughter...she loves it. I almost cried when she saw it...now she has her own, fun-filled bag all her own, not the dull black one she had...now she wants to carry it always...now she ACTUALLY likes checking her blood sugar...Thank you so much...this is a little light at the end of the rainbow..." - Tameeka
    "My daughter has been on a Dexcom G4 CGM for nearly two years. During all that time, she has carried her pink Dexcom Flip Sleeve. She carries her Dexcom with her everywhere...and it is always in its case. And, boy, has that case gotten use! She will toss her CGM onto her bed or other soft surfaces without giving it a thought, ignoring my repeated admonitions that it contains a delicate electronic device! She will stand there talking to me, holding her CGM and twirling the handle. The Dexcom Flip Sleeve has taken a serious beating, but it has done the job. Her Dexcom receiver has never been damaged, and she is still using the original receiver. The case has held up extremely well." - Rose
    "Thank you! I love it! I recently had the experience of finding out, suddenly, that I am diabetic. It is odd but having this makes me feel a bit better about it. Not that I like being diabetic by any means but...I am glad you have these products. They DO make a difference." - Lylah
    "I just ordered the Moya set. I settled on the pink - the pink is optimistic, and reminds me of the opportunity I've been given to get healthy." - Paula
    "I wanted to send you our testimonial for the Champ Sports Locker bag. My son Stephen says he loves the soccer ball detachable pouch, soccer is his favorite sport. He thinks the Champ Sports bag is cool and awesome because it has a number 1 on it and it has sports on it. I had decided that it was time for a new bag. We had only had the bag that was given to us at the hospital and it had really become worn. It was also getting close to the time that my son would be starting pump therapy and I thought it was the perfect time to get a new bag to start a new way of life with diabetes. When I found the myabetic website I was so excited to see such fresh innovation for carrying diabetes supplies. I immediately ordered the Champ Sports Locker bag and couldn't wait to get it. When I got it I thought the Champ Sports Locker bag was made with high quality materials. I also love the organizational pouches inside allowing me and my son to have everything in its own compartment. Our old bag had no separate compartments so everything was thrown all in one space. I love the little lock tag to close the bag. Kyrra, again I thank you for making such a great bag. We really enjoy using it at testing time." - Catrina
    "The Love Bug was the perfect gift for Jenna, my four year old daughter with type 1 diabetes who just recently took it upon herself to perform her own blood sugar checks. I wanted to honor her achievement with something fun-something she could call her own. She was absolutely tickled when I presented her with her meter inside her Love Bug case to do her pre-breakfast check one morning. Since Jenna has to live with diabetes everyday, I want to make it fun when I can. The Love Bug adds a little fun to an otherwise serious disorder. To a four year old that means so very much. Thank you." - Sherry (Jenna's Mom)
    "I did receive my order and I want to let you know that the items are marvelous! I've already begun using the purse and it makes my life so much simpler when managing my meter and medication needs at the office --or wherever I am. Myabetic brings an element of normalcy to those of us who have health needs that challenge our daily lifestyle. These are obviously not bargain-basement materials and workmanship. But the best part is that it is not evident these are medical supply cases, they are fashionable and cleverly designed to protect my privacy as well as the supplies I carry. I know Myabetic will continue to expand its line of product, and I intend to be a repeat customer. Again, I express my gratitude for the options your company provides." - Moni
    "I absolutely love my new Xpress wallet. I hadn't even taken it out of the box yet and I found myself wondering why I hadn't bought one sooner. I ran to a meeting carrying just the wallet and my keys the day it came in--I felt liberated. Also, it came super fast. :D" - Amanda
    "I am a pediatric endocrinologist, and I think your bags are brilliant! I've always been shocked with all the fun things for iPhones, that it took so long for someone to design fun things for diabetic supplies, considering this is one of the number one growing diseases of this country!" - Dr. Jean
    "I LOVE my Xpress wallet. It's hard to find good diabetes accessories when you're not a fan of the ones that come with your meter or pump and this is even more true if you're looking for manly stuff. The Xpress wallet fits my OmniPod PDM perfectly and I love the setup for strips and lancing device. I love even more the removable waste pouch. Such a great idea. Did I mention I love my Xpress wallet?" - David

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