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    Our Story

    Transforming diabetes
    through fashion and style

    Who We Are

    We are transforming diabetes through fashion and style.
    We design for individuals, not diabetes.
    We offer options, not limitations.
    We're passionate about dynamic diversity, not clinical conformity.
    We create distinctive definitions, not sterile stigmas.
    We meet goals, not standards.
    We strive to control, not cope.
    We own our lives.
    We own our health.
    We own our style.
    We are Myabetic. Join the diabetes makeover.


    Kyrra Richards, Founder

    I never dreamt of becoming a diabetes fashionista. But then again, I never envisioned a life with diabetes.

    I was a young woman in Los Angeles, pursuing a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and model when I was diagnosed with diabetes. The everyday management tasks were tearfully frustrating – finger pricks, carb counting confusion, insulin injections, and constant pharmacy trips and doctors’ appointments - but the emotional impact of being categorized as a “patient” was even more severe.

    To make matters worse, I was expected to carry around my essential diabetes supplies in a drab nylon case. I hated its medicinal appearance and would often ‘forget’ to include the dingy pack in my daily routine. The bland case was anything but chic couture – diabetes was clashing with my lifestyle.

    My dejected outlook was compromising my health. It was becoming clear that I needed to shift my mindset. I couldn’t let diabetes and its unexpected tribulations call the (often painful) shots.

    My diagnosis had forced me to question my originality. I had been barcoded and stocked on the sugar-free shelf. “Diabetes” had become my identity. It was time to strip this label and reclaim my individuality. I decided to manage my health the same way I manage every other aspect of my life – with my personal style.

    I founded Myabetic to start a diabetes makeover. It was time to end the impersonal, standard-issue criterion. I wanted better, more vibrant options. Instead of apathetically surrendering to the disease, I could contribute. I used my artistic passion to give diabetes management a fresh new look.

    Myabetic allows me to create for individuals who inspire me. Together, we will set new trends – ones that portray the true energy, determination, and optimism of diabetic lifestyles. Finally, a diabetes label I am proud to represent.

    Kyrra Richards, Founder
    Diabetes Fashionista
    Living with Diabetes since 2008
    Follow her under Snapchat username: myabetic

    Book Features

    My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes

    Kyrra was a contributing author to My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes. The book is a collection of inspirational, firsthand account stories written by women thriving with diabetes.

    The Complete Diabetes Organizer

    Authors Susan Weiner and Leslie Josel asked Kyrra to give advice on managing a daily diabetes routine for their book, The Complete Diabetes Organizer.