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    Kyrra Richards, Founder

    I never dreamt of becoming a diabetes fashionista. But then again, I never envisioned a life with diabetes.

    I was a young woman in Los Angeles, pursuing a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and model when I was diagnosed with diabetes. The everyday management tasks were tearfully frustrating – finger pricks, carb counting confusion, insulin injections, and constant pharmacy trips and doctors’ appointments - but the emotional impact of being categorized as a “patient” was even more severe.

    To make matters worse, I was expected to carry around my essential diabetes supplies in a drab nylon case. I hated its medicinal appearance and would often ‘forget’ to include the dingy pack in my daily routine. The bland case was anything but chic couture – diabetes was clashing with my lifestyle.

    My dejected outlook was compromising my health. It was becoming clear that I needed to shift my mindset. I couldn’t let diabetes and its unexpected tribulations call the (often painful) shots.

    My diagnosis had forced me to question my originality. I had been barcoded and stocked on the sugar-free shelf. “Diabetes” had become my identity. It was time to strip this label and reclaim my individuality. I decided to manage my health the same way I manage every other aspect of my life – with my personal style.

    I founded Myabetic to start a diabetes makeover. It was time to end the impersonal, standard-issue criterion. I wanted better, more vibrant options. Instead of apathetically surrendering to the disease, I could contribute. I used my artistic passion to give diabetes management a fresh new look.

    Myabetic allows me to create for individuals who inspire me. Together, we will set new trends – ones that portray the true energy, determination, and optimism of diabetic lifestyles. Finally, a diabetes label I am proud to represent.

    Kyrra Richards, Founder
    Diabetes Fashionista
    Living with Diabetes since 2008
    Instagram @kyrrarichards