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Diabetes and Menstruation

Posted by Jade Venhaus on

Being a woman with diabetes can be extra challenging during that time of month! I’ve lived my whole adult life with diabetes, so I have extensive experience in managing diabetes + my period. Here is what I suggest: 


1. Keep Track of Your Period

It’s important to track your period each month so you know when to expect it. I like to do it the old-fashioned way by using my calendar on my phone, but I know there are also a ton of great apps out there such as, Flo. Keeping track of when you’re going to start your period makes it easier to know your insulin needs leading up to and during your period. For example, a few days before my period I have noticed that my blood sugar increases, and I also become more insulin resistant. Because I know this, I always increase my long acting insulin to accommodate that my period is coming. 


2. Figure Out What Works Best for You

Keep close track of when you’re experiencing out of range blood sugar. While I tend to become more insulin resistant a few days prior to starting my period, some people notice their blood sugar will increase when they actually start their period. Log your blood sugar consistently during this time, and keep in mind that things can change. Sometimes, something will work great for 6 months and then suddenly your body changes. That is totally normal and expected! 


3. Don’t Get Discouraged & Self-Care

Let’s face it, periods suck, and add diabetes into the mix, and they really suck. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you may still experience your blood sugar getting out of control. Don’t let that discourage you! Instead, find a way to care for yourself during those frustrating times. I love to journal, take walks, and listen to music. Sometimes all you need is a fun little distraction. 


Diabetes and periods can be difficult! You just gotta add a little self-love and care into the routine to get through it.


YOU got this! 💪 


Jade Venhaus @vibrantlybalanced

Living with Diabetes Since 2000

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  • I’m so happy I found this post! Every month I get so irritated with myself, because I can’t seem to get my blood sugars under control. So this was a great reminder to have a little more love and care for myself. Thank you!

    Grace on

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