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Myabetic was created to transform the diabetes image. After her own diagnosis, founder Kyrra Richards struggled to manage her blood sugar and confidence. She kept her diabetes secret because she was afraid to be associated with a negative stereotype. Kyrra created Myabetic to change this perception. Designed to improve the diabetes lifestyle, our products represent the strength and beauty of our community. Together, we will control our health with style.

Eli Diabetes Pouch

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Eli Diabetes Pouch

Regular price $14.00
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Streamline your diabetes care with this sleek and simple, pocket-sized pouch to carry the bare necessities. (Designed with a spot to store used test strips!)


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  • 3.75”W x 6.5”H x 0.5”D
  • Compact, pocket-sized
  • Soft, flexible nylon structure
  • Fits all glucose meters
  • Designed to hold testing essentials: glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, lancet needles
  • Includes exterior velcro pocket to gather used test strips
  • Fits an insulin pen
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Named after the company that introduced the world’s first commercial insulin.

Customer Reviews

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Myabetic Eli Pouch

I have had my Eli pouch for a couple years, and really love it. I only need to carry strips, the finger poke,extra lancets, preps,small tissue pack, a few bandages and my meter. I am on an insulin pump, so no need to carry any other items. It all fits in the bag and the pouch fits perfect in my purse. When I got the pouch, I turned it inside out and took it to my sewing machine to zigzag the unfinished seams. I could tell right away that the pouch would not hold up to my being in it many times during the day causing the seams to fray. This is the only adjustment I would suggest you make on the construction. Using a serger would take care of the seams as well. Can you possibly make these pouches in some other colors besides the dark ones: black, blue and purple? I would love to purchase more in brighter colors since it something I need to have on hand at all times. I would love one in red, pink, orange, yellow, green etc. to lighten up my life. Dealing with Diabetes is hard enough, would love a little more color. Thank you

Thank you for this feedback! We will share with our product development team.
the pouch

I've looked for a long time to replace the kit that I had. It seemed nobody really understood what a diabetic needs really are. I finally found MYABETIC online. I purchased the Pouch and the Banting, it the best kits I every purchased.

The perfect size

I wanted a pouch that would carry just my testing supplies, but in such a manner that unused lancets wouldn't fall all over the place every time it was opened, and where used lancets and strips could be help securely. This pouch fits those needs perfectly.

Fits Into Small Purses!

I love this! It's much more convenient in its size compared to my previous one (the Banting Diabetes Wallet in Blush - which I also love), as I have a variety of different sized purses and the Banting Wallet I literally had to shove into my smaller purses; it was somewhat like playing tetris in that I was trying to figure out how to make it work with all the other items (wallet, make up bag). Aside from that, since it is so small, there really isn't room for compartments, which maybe in the future they can somehow work into this design because when I open the new case, everything is all skewered about from where I originally put it (specifically the pen tops, test trips and rockets - for lows), which makes me miss the ease of accessibility the previous case had! But all in all, a great case!


Forgot to add the picture :-)